Each of us has a budget for watches, you should know about various costs and how to determine the value of your future or current time piece.

Best affordable watches you can purchase right now

It may seem like affordable luxury watches are a bit of an oxymoron, particularly with the Swiss brands that are known for high quality, precise timepieces. The price for these timepieces can reach astronomical numbers, however most major brands have a watch that can be considered a bargain in ...

How Much Does It Cost To Service My Watch?

Any time a watch stops working, the dread can kick in. What’s wrong, why won’t it run, why is it keeping such poor time? You bought a quality timepiece and repairs are not that tough, however the cost can be quite high, especially from the manufacturer themselves. There is always the ability to ...

How to Save Money When Buying Watches Online

Nobody likes to spend extra money that they do not have to. The same rings true when you are searching for luxury goods. Online luxury marketplaces are coming into their own now, making it easier than ever to purchase those goods, including luxury watches. Buying watches online can be an ...

The Best Rolex Watches To Invest in 2020

Many people think that investing in watches do not make sense; however, I beg to differ. Rolex watches are a great way to preserve cash in 2020. There are many stories and examples of how those watches appreciate with time. Last year, I wrote an article about "The Best Rolex Watches to Invest ...

How To Diversify Your Watches Like Stocks

If you like watches, you might feel that certain watches keep value better than others, and you are 100% correct. Certain watch brands are amazing in their designs; however, the perceived value on the secondary market is not as high as some other watches on the market. Every time I look at ...

The Best Watch Straps For Your Luxury Timepieces

When you are wearing a luxury watch, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable wearing it. That's why there are many companies which provide this service of making fantastic rubber, leather or NATO Straps. Some are better than others. I will share with you one of the best places you can ...

The Best Hublot Watches For Your Money

When it comes to Hublot watches, many people do not like them, but many people do. Especially the models I will be talking out. Hublot is popular among athletes as well as a car enthusiast. The design can be wild but at the same time very modern and outside of the box. Just look at the pictures ...

How to invest in Luxury watches

Investing in luxury watches become much easier than it used to be before the world wide web, aka the internet. The biggest challenge is to know, which watches are the best investments in today's economy as well as what are legitimate resources for you to make an educated decision when you are ...

Watch Repair Locations in Your State

Having the best watchmaker in your town is not as simple. In today's world, there are way fewer watchmakers than it used to be, especially the once who are independent and very skilled. I have asked Jewelers and people who have a lot of watches, who do they prefer to service their watches ...

The Best Rolex Watches to Invest in 2019

Investing in watches can be challenging if you do not know which one is the best to invest in 2019. You are probably familiar with Rolex, Audemars Piquet, OMEGA, but do you know which watches give you the best return on your money? I am going to share the most popular Rolex watches to invest in ...

Top 3 Omega Watches To invest in 2019

I always have friends asked me, which Omega watches should they invest. My answer is every single time the same, buy a watch you will enjoy the most. Nobody has a crystal ball if certain watches will increase in value, however when you look at some data, you might be able to guess correctly. ...

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