RVLVR- though intended to be pronounced as “Revolver”- for the obvious, we chose to spell it as such, partially drawing influence from the mid-16th century, the time period regarded by historians in which the rise of Western civilization and the Islamic gunpowder empires occurred.

During this time, it was common practice to pronounce the letter “V” as “U”, as the letter “V” only came into existence with the birth of the printing press. This offers us a hidden, alternate pronunciation of RVLVR as “RULUR- or Ruler” fitting the bill perfectly for time instruments, which can serve to mark and measure milestones, through the journey of life.

Accenting this chain of thought, the Latin term “Tempus Rerum Imperator” translates into “Time is the Ruler of All Things” which induces meditation of the present moment, in its significance.

With this in mind, a lot of our prior timepieces have the term “Carpe Diem” imprinted on them, as a constant reminder to seize the day. Although the term was made popular in the 19th century, the sentiment was known to have originated in the 16th century- in the first stanza of Robert Herrick’s 1648 “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time”

The revolver is a representation of our finite lives, as it embodies our absolute mortality. It is our ultimate responsibility to “pluck the day” and make the very best of our perpetually decreasing moments.

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