Transparent Trading: How Value Your Watch Prioritizes Fairness

Value Your Watch is born from a shared passion for discovering unique timepieces. We know that part of the excitement in this expensive hobby lies in the ability to buy and sell, facilitating a dynamic collection. Yet, we found the current market options frustrating:


Firstly, watch forums, while free of commissions, are riddled with counterfeit items and uncertainty regarding trading partners, making high-end trades risky.


Secondly, larger online marketplaces provide reviews for trust, but levy considerable fees. This elevates watch prices and erodes our budget with each trade, hampering our buying and selling lifestyle.


We knew there had to be a better way to enjoy our hobby without these drawbacks.

Online marketplaces often impose disproportionate charges, hitting private collectors wishing to sell a single watch harder than bulk retailers. This arrangement, although beneficial for business, seems unfair to watch enthusiasts merely aiming to fund their next purchase.


Hence, we established, a platform dedicated to high transparency and buyer confidence.


We don’t charge any commissions! Our goal was to create a marketplace that facilitates an even trade for watch collectors. Hence, we’ve foregone commissions, which typically inflate watch prices. Instead, we have a modest monthly subscription fee for sellers who wish to list multiple watches.


Aiming for fairness, we offer free membership to sellers who want to list a single watch, thereby ensuring no fees on their end.* This approach not only benefits individual sellers, but also retailers on Value Your Watch, as it enables watch lovers to invest more in their next purchase.

*Note: Should you opt for a payment processing platform like PayPal or Stripe, they may impose a processing fee. However, Value Your Watch will NOT levy any charges.

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