At Value Your Watch we’re passionate watch enthusiasts. We love the thrill of searching for that grail watch. Or finding hidden gems in the used market… But, let’s just face it. This hobby of ours can be a bit expensive. If it wasn’t because we could buy and sell watches, it wouldn’t be very fun to collect would it?

However, we were getting increasingly frustrated with the options we had when buying and selling watches:

— On the one hand, we could buy or sell watches on watch forums without being charged commission or fees. But with the number of fake watches being sold on those forums, and the fact that it can be really difficult to be sure who you’re actually dealing with, it also involves a high risk. Especially when it comes to investment pieces.

— On the other hand, we could go to the major online marketplaces and watch sites, and base our buying decisions on reviews and ratings. But in that case, the site often charges a hefty fee or commission, making the price of watches unnecessarily expensive. — We couldn’t pursue this lifestyle of buying and selling watches, because the commissions would eat up our budget. The more watches we traded, the more expensive it would be. — And whats the fun in that?

Many online marketplaces charge sellers unevenly…

The way the fees and commissions are charged by many online marketplaces, hits private collectors, who just want to sell a single watch, much harder than large retailers, selling hundreds or thousands of watches. That might be great for business, but not really fair to the watch enthusiasts wanting to sell a watch to finance another purchase.

We founded to offer a platform with high transparency, where watch enthusiasts can purchase watches with peace of mind.

You won’t be charged any commissions!

We wanted to create a marketplace where watch collectors could at least break even when buying and selling watches. So there’s no commissions pushing up the prices on any of the watches, only a low monthly subscription fee for sellers wanting to list several watches for sale.

We wanted it to be fair for all sellers, so if you just want to list a single watch you will get your membership for FREE, and not be charged any fees.* — We believe that will benefit the retailers selling through Value Your Watch too, because we help watch lovers — their customers — get more funds for their next watch purchase.

* In case you choose a payment processing party, like PayPal or Stripe, as your payment method,they might charge you a processing fee. But Value Your Watch will NOT be charging you anything.

One Big Family of Enthusiastic Watch Lovers

Our goal is to establish a community for selling and buying timepieces. So we encourage our sellers to link their Value Your Watch profile to their social media channels and show who they are. That way buyers can see who they are buying their new timepiece from, and it won’t just be an anonymous transaction.

Our conditions are simple:

  1. Register your profile
  2. Select your plan (from $0 / month)
  3. Start selling!*

* Unlike many other marketplaces you are allowed to sell listed watches outside of the platform. Value Your Watch is simply here to make it easier for watch lovers to buy and sell watches with more transparency.

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