Neither land nor sea nor sky is the limit for wearers of Breitling watches. Founded in 1884, the Swiss company set out to make the most precise chronometers possible. They were good at what they did—perhaps too good—as we can credit the brand with crafting the first devices capable of measuring speed based on time calculations, which were ultimately used by the police to issue the first speeding tickets. From there, the company turned its eyes to the sky and began working on pieces for pilots, a heritage Breitling watches are best known for today. Navitimer, their collection of aviation models, are authentic in every sense of the word, featuring bold and uncluttered faces for easy readability, while incorporating all tools necessary for the trade and being able to maintain accuracy in the harshest conditions. This in mind, it’s no surprise Breitling watches have been used by militaries around the world and are chosen by airlines as well. The company is also well known for its SuperOcean collection, every bit as robust as Navitimer, but built to withstand depths of up to 1,000 meters and provide superior readings underwater. Anywhere your adventure takes you, Breitling watches will keep you prepared.

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