Known for seamlessly blending rugged durability with modern design in a concept the brand refers to as “the art of fusion,” Hublot watches have been bending the rules since the 1970s. This was first seen with the incorporation of rubber straps in their initial timepieces; a first in luxury watchmaking. The legendary porthole look, achieved through gold casings with minimalist matte black dials and bezels, gave rise to the brand name and inspired a new era of high-end watchmaking—one in which luxury pieces were no longer simply about quality and class, but crafted for the lifestyle of an adventurer as well. From the Classic Fusion through the Big Bang, Hublot watches don’t simply represent stamina; they truly embody it. As a natural fit, the Swiss brand is linked to the world of endurance sports and has ties to Formula One Racing and World Cup Soccer, plus routinely collaborates with musical visionaries, such as Jay-Z and Depeche Mode. Instantly recognizable, Hublot watches remain ahead of the curve and are ideal for those who believe innovation is a way of life.

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