Used Hublot Watches For Sale

Buying pre owned Hublot watches can be intimidating. There are many great designs that will bring attention to your wrist, but there can be too many options for a certain crowd. Some in the community specifically look to buy Hublot watches due to their intense designs and their high quality craftsmanship. If you are in the market for a different style of pre owned luxury watch, Hublot is a brand to look into.

If you are looking at a Hublot, buying from the secondary market is a good idea. They are not known for holding their value very well. There is a steep drop in price from new. Fortunately, there tends to be a bottom since Hublot uses exceptional materials in their watches. If you do change your mind after wearing your Hublot watch for some time, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue recovering the majority, if not all, of your money.

Here are the principal reasons why a pre owned Hublot would be a good fit for many.

  • Hublot watches are well made
  • The depreciation tends to bottom out to a solid foundation
  • Extreme designs, excessive materials, extraordinary selection

Hublot watches are well made.

Hublot watches use high tech manufacturing, as well as some exotic materials to make a durable watch that can be used daily without fear of destruction. Some of the other Swiss brands may have fewer technical issues, but you can rest assured that defects in manufacturing are not common, and service is rarely ever needed. In the event that something happens to you watch, it has a two year manufacturer warranty, which you can extend to three by registering on

If you do for some reason have to pay for a Hublot service, the costs can be much more reasonable than some of the other high end brands. Hublot has the advantage of using movements that are in use by many of the best manufacturers. Unless you are buying one of their high end tourbillon watches, it’s a standard movement that many watchmakers are able to service at a reasonable price, generally the roughly $500 range. You can expect to pay more at a Hublot service center, but unless you need to replace parts of the case or top plate, costs should be competitive.

According to

– the international guarantee card must have been activated by the dealer who sold the watch, or must be enclosed with the watch when it is sent for repair and must be signed and dated at the time of purchase by an authorized Hublot dealer. Hublot will not honor the guarantee for watches sold without a valid guarantee card properly filled out and signed by an authorized Hublot dealer or by a dedicated Hublot boutique; 

– the serial number engraved on the case is perfectly legible and no part of the original case back or original serial number has been removed, modified, falsified, altered, replaced, erased, defaced or made illegible. Failure to abide by any of the above conditions renders all rights resulting from the Hublot international guarantee null and void.

The depreciation tends to bottom out to a solid foundation.

Hublot is not known for holding its value that well. Don’t believe us? Just look at the MSRP compared to the cost of a pre-owned Hublot Big Bang.

Fortunately, after initial depreciation the first few years, there is a bottom. Due to materials utilized in the watch case and movement, there is always going to be a value, it’s just a fact that pre owned Hublot watches come without the markup. We highly recommend purchasing a Hublot watch used due to this nature of the brand. You don’t want to pay the MSRP and lose thousands of dollars instantly.

Even if you end up buying a used Hublot that requires service, you will still come out ahead. The service cost from a trusted watchmaker is roughly in that $500 range as we stated before. Even if you do pay double at a Hublot service center it’s still far better than that massive depreciation loss when buying a new one.

Another element to this value bottom comes from being tied to some of the biggest names in football(soccer). Hublot is the official sponsor of teams such as Ajax, Chelsea, Juventus et al. Hublot is also the official timekeeper of the Premier League and Many UEFA competitions such as the UEFA Champions League. While this really matters more to those outside the US you would have seen that Hublot was the official timekeeper of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. 

Extreme Design, Excessive Materials, Extraordinary Selection.

If you are reading this, you have probably already seen some of what Hublot calls “The Art of Fusion”. Classic watchmaking with modern technology means a full gambit of style, like it or not. The benefit of this however, is that there is a design for almost anyone. 

The most popular Hublot Watches are as follows.

  • Hublot Classic Fusion
  • Hublot Big Bang
  • Hublot Novelties

When you think of watch materials, there are a few things that come to mind. Steel, gold, platinum. These are terms you will find on the page of any major watch manufacturer, what you may not see on some of their competitor’s sites, however, include Carbon Fibre, Sapphire(case not crystal), and ceramic(once again case, not coating). Through their “Art of Fusion”, Hublot takes materials seriously, and you should be just as serious about their watches. Buying a pre owned Hublot can help you stand out from the crowd. 

One thing Hublot does well is give you an extraordinary selection of watches. When buying a pre owned Hublot watch, one search reveals a seemingly endless array of styles. There is a reason we listed Hublot Novelties as a popular watch. They have a special edition of almost any model. There are submodels, as well as options within each submodel. Did I mention that buying a pre owned Hublot opens you up to options? One just has to search the Value Your Watch marketplace to see that it is not often you find two identical watches listed in the Hublot category. Of course there are the Hublot standards, but rarely does anything standard come from Hublot.

How do you take care of your Hublot Watch?

Due to impressive craftsmanship, they rarely need a service, but it’s recommended to service them every 3-5 years. You should not, however, service the watch any more if it’s not broken.

Suppose you like the watch case to look new, it’s recommended to regularly clean your Hublot in lukewarm soapy water. You would rinse and wipe down the watch carefully with a soft cloth. If you swim in salt water, you should rinse the watch in fresh water right after you are done playing in the saltwater. If you have one of the matte ceramic cases, Hublot will even supply you with a special eraser to use to brush any wear marks away, and restore a like new finish. As you can see Hublot does use insanely good materials. This makes it abundantly easy to care for them. 

How to operate your Hublot watch?

  1. Screw-in crown
  2. Winding
  3. Date Setting
  4. Time Setting

Even though your pre owned Hublot may seem exotic, setting  the time is as easy as any other self winding watch. You will need to pull the crown to the third position, which is the third click you will feel when pulling the crown. After that, you will be able to set the desired time, either forward or backwards, on your timepiece. Having a “hack seconds” hand means you can perform this operation at the stroke of the 12, and allow for perfect synchronization.

Date setting on Hublot watch is easy. Simply pull the crown out to position two, which is the second click you will feel when you lift the crown. Some Hublot watches change the date by turning counterclockwise rather than clockwise. You will have to look at your specific watch manual to determine which direction you must turn to change your Hublot date. One thing to watch out for is the quick date function. It is a common feature, and if you do purchase a pre owned Hublot with it, between 8:00pm and 1:00am, do not use the feature. The mechanism to change the date is engaged during this time, and using the quick date function will damage the mechanism.

If the pre owned Hublot watch you just bought online sits for a while, you might need to manually wind the watch to charge the self-winding mechanism. You will have to turn the winding crown clockwise at least ten times. Keep in mind that you will have to screw the crown back down to ensure the water tightness is properly reset.

Hublot watches are powered mostly by automatic movements with a power reserve of 42hrs. There are a few models, such as UNICO, which have a 72 hour power reserve. In addition, there are some watch models that are powered by a battery. The quartz movements in these models  have a power duration of 3-5 years, according to Hublot.

If you are interested in reading more about Hublot, we have a fantastic article about the brand here.

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