What is Value Your Watch Marketplace?

Value Your Watch Marketplace is a trusted online platform where individuals can buy, sell, and trade luxury watches. We connect sellers and buyers from all over the world to facilitate secure and transparent transactions.

Who founded Value Your Watch Marketplace and why?

Value Your Watch Marketplace was founded by Honza Hroch in 2018, who resides in the beautiful state of Hawaii. A dedicated watch enthusiast and a believer in the power of digital technology. Having been part of the watch trading community for many years, Honza identified a need for a dedicated platform that could facilitate the buying and selling of luxury watches in a transparent, secure, and user-friendly manner.

What are the associated FEES when utilizing the Value Your Watch Marketplace?

The Value Your Watch Marketplace does not charge any fees to buyers or sellers.

Common Sellers Questions

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is simple! Just click on the “Icon picture” button on our homepage, provide your necessary details, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account…

How to open an account

When does the 14-day trial start?

When you select the subscription and input your credit card information, the trial starts immediately. Your card will not be charged until the 14 days have elapsed. You can cancel before the 14 days expire by going to the Stripe email or emailing us.

Is it necessary to own a business in order to sell watches on Value Your Watch?

No, you can sell watches on Value Your Watch simply by following the instructions to create your own online store.

How Do I get Paid?

Choosing the type of payment method you wish to accept is entirely your decision. Should you decide to accept credit card payments, you would need to establish a STRIPE account. To do this, navigate to your profile, select ‘Settings’, and proceed with STRIPE setup. Please be aware that STRIPE charges a transaction fee of 3.4% + $0.30.

What happens if there is a dispute?

Should a disagreement surface between the buyer and seller, it is incumbent upon both parties to negotiate a resolution. Value Your Watch merely serves as a connecting platform and does not oversee payment transactions.

When we say “list up to 3 watches”

It means that with your current subscription, you can have a maximum of three different watches listed for sale on our platform at any given time. If you sell or remove one of these listings, you’re free to add another, maintaining a maximum of three active listings. It’s a flexible system designed to give you control over what you’re selling and when.”

What are the fees associated with using Value Your Watch Marketplace?

At Value Your Watch Marketplace, our fee structure is straightforward and focused on providing the best value for our users:

Subscription Fee: We operate on a subscription-based model. Users pay a regular subscription fee to access our platform’s features, including buying and selling watches. This subscription fee helps us maintain our platform and provide you with a secure and efficient marketplace.

No Buyers or Sellers Fees: Unlike many other platforms, we do not charge additional fees for buying or selling on our marketplace. Your subscription covers these costs.

Credit Card Processing Fee (Optional): If a seller wishes to accept payments via credit card, we provide the option to use Stripe as a secure payment processing platform. Please note that Stripe charges a fee for their service, which we do not cover. The fee structure for Stripe can be found on their website, but currently, its 3.4% +$.30 per transaction in the USA.

Remember, our fee structure aims to provide an open and transparent platform for watch enthusiasts to connect, buy, and sell with ease.

Customers Refunds

Each seller is responsible for dealing with the buyer at their own discretion. You should disclose in your terms and conditions if you accept returns and what your refund policy is. Value Your Watch does not issue any refunds.If you are issuing a refund using STRIPE, you will NOT be refunded the processing fee of 3.4% +$0.30

Can I deal directly with customers on the Value Your Watch Marketplace?

Absolutely! We believe that communication is key in any transaction, especially when dealing with luxury watches. That’s why we encourage all our users, buyers, and sellers alike, to connect freely.
Our platform is designed to foster relationships between buyers and sellers. We don’t stand in the middle; instead, we provide a safe and secure environment for you to communicate directly, negotiate, and get to know each other. We believe that by facilitating direct interactions, every watch transaction becomes a much smoother and more enjoyable experience.
Please note, while we provide the platform for users to connect, we don’t require all transactions to be completed within our platform. We understand that relationships and trust built between users may lead to transactions outside of our system. However, we recommend always following best practices for online safety and security when engaging in transactions.

Do I have to Charge Sales tax?

Value Your Watch operates in a way that sellers are paid directly without any involvement from the platform, it means that the responsibility for tax collection and compliance rests with the individual sellers. As a platform, Value Your Watch does not collect taxes on behalf of sellers. It’s important for sellers to understand and comply with their tax obligations according to the applicable laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. We recommend consulting with a tax professional or relevant tax authorities to ensure proper adherence to tax requirements.

How do we promote your watches for sale?

We employ multiple strategies to ensure your watches receive maximum exposure. These include running Google Ads and sharing your listings on popular watch forums and watch search engines such as Watchuseek.com, Man on Time, Watchpatrol.com, Watchcharts.com, and WatchRecon.

Additionally, your watch will be featured in our weekly newsletter, which reaches a broad audience of watch enthusiasts. We also promote your listings on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to reach a wider audience and attract potential buyers.

I am having trouble with my account, who can I contact?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Please reach out to our Customer Support team by emailing us at info@valueyourwatch.com page and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.
Please keep in mind that these are just starting points and should be tailored to your specific business model and policies.

How do I update my credit card on file?

To update your credit card information, please reach out to us at info@valueyourwatch.com. We’ll then send you a link where you can securely update your card details on file.

What should I do if the watch I want to purchase has been sold but is not available?

If the watch was purchased using Stripe as the payment method, and the watch is not available, the seller will need to reimburse the buyer. However, it’s important to note that Stripe fees, which are incurred during the initial transaction, are typically not reimbursed by Stripe. Therefore, the seller will bear the responsibility of covering those fees. It’s recommended for sellers to familiarize themselves with Stripe’s terms and conditions regarding refunds and fees to ensure a clear understanding of the financial implications in such situations.

Common Buyers Questions

Do I need an Account to Buy a Watch?

No, an account is not required to make a purchase on Value Your Watch. However, we highly recommend creating an account as it offers several benefits. Having an account allows for easier communication with sellers, enabling you to ask questions, negotiate prices, and receive updates on your transactions. It also provides access to additional features and tools to enhance your buying experience. While not mandatory, creating an account can streamline the process and ensure a smoother transaction process.


Buyers refunds are subject to the seller’s discretion. In general, if you are seeking a refund, the seller may require the watch to be returned and sufficient time to verify its condition and authenticity. Each seller has their own refund policy, which outlines the specific terms and conditions for returns. It is important to review the seller’s refund policy before making a purchase to understand the options available in case a refund is needed.

What are the buyer’s fees

At Value Your Watch, we prioritize a transparent and buyer-friendly experience. Therefore, we do not charge any fees to buyers. You can browse, search, and explore our platform’s listings without additional charges. Our focus is providing a seamless and enjoyable buying journey for watch enthusiasts without imposing buyer fees.

Do you have to pay taxes?

At Value Your Watch, the tax implications for buyers can vary depending on the individual sellers. Since sellers handle the transactions directly without our intervention, the responsibility for tax collection and compliance falls on the sellers themselves. Whether or not buyers are required to pay taxes on their purchases depends on the tax regulations in the jurisdiction where the seller is located and other factors such as the nature and value of the transaction.

What if the watch I receive is not as described in the listing?

If the watch you receive doesn’t match the description in the listing, we advise you to contact the seller directly to resolve the issue. Each seller has their own return policy, so we recommend reading and understanding their policy before making a purchase.

How do I pay for a watch?

Each seller chooses the payment methods they accept. Some international sellers, especially those based in countries like the UK or Japan, may prefer to direct traffic to their own websites due to specific payment processing practices in those countries. However, in the end, it’s up to each seller to decide which payment method they prefer. As a buyer, you should always ask the seller about the payment methods they accept to ensure a smooth transaction process.

How does shipping work?

Once a purchase is made, the seller is responsible for shipping the watch. Sellers are encouraged to use insured and traceable shipping methods.

Can I negotiate the price of a watch?

Yes, we have a feature that allows buyers to negotiate with sellers. However, the final decision on pricing is at the discretion of the individual seller.

How do I know the watches are authentic?

While we strive to provide a secure and trustworthy marketplace, there is no 100% guarantee that every watch listed is authentic. That’s why it’s important to choose the right sellers. As a buyer, you have the freedom to connect directly with the sellers. We encourage you to call them, check out their social media profiles, and do any necessary research to ensure they are who they claim to be. Establishing this trust and confidence in your seller can go a long way in ensuring the authenticity of your purchase.

Do you offer an Escrow Service?

Yes, we do offer escrow.

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