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Looking to invest in a Chopard timepiece? Value Your Watch Marketplace is your ideal destination for acquiring these Swiss masterpieces. Here’s why our platform is the perfect choice for your Chopard watch purchase.

1. No Sellers Fees

One key attribute that sets Value Your Watch apart is our policy of charging no seller fees. This encourages a wider variety of sellers to list their Chopard watches on our platform. As a buyer, this not only means a more extensive range of Chopard models to choose from but also the potential for more competitive pricing as sellers aren’t factoring additional costs into their pricing.

2. Free to Deal

We believe in straightforward and transparent transactions. As such, our platform is designed for free dealings between buyers and sellers. You can communicate directly with sellers and negotiate your purchase terms without the burden of hidden costs or transaction fees. What you agree upon with the seller is exactly what you’ll pay.

3. Global Reach through Social Media and SEO

Value Your Watch is more than just a marketplace – we’re a global community. Thanks to our robust social media presence and proactive SEO strategies, we can showcase our listings to potential buyers all over the world. So when you purchase a Chopard watch from us, you’re buying from a platform with global recognition and trust.

4. Competitive Pricing

Because we don’t charge seller fees and have optimized our operations, we’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices for Chopard watches in the market. Coupled with the opportunity to negotiate directly with sellers, you can be assured of getting excellent value for your money.

5. Authentic Watches Only

Value Your Watch has a strict policy when it comes to the authenticity of the watches listed on our platform. Each seller is required to list only genuine timepieces. Counterfeit or fake watches are not permitted, ensuring that when you invest in a Chopard watch through us, you’re getting a 100% authentic timepiece.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a Chopard watch, look no further than Value Your Watch Marketplace. With our no-seller-fee policy, easy negotiation process, global marketing reach, competitive pricing, and commitment to authenticity, we stand out as the premier choice for watch enthusiasts around the globe. Let us help you find the perfect Chopard watch that matches your style and budget.

The Comprehensive Guide to Chopard Watches

Summary of Chopard Watches

Chopard, a Swiss luxury brand, has been delivering exquisite watches and jewelry since its establishment in 1860. Combining expert craftsmanship, innovative design, and a commitment to sustainable luxury, Chopard watches are admired for their elegance, precision, and the variety they offer to both men and women.

Summary of the Brand

Chopard: A Journey from Artisanal Craftsmanship to Global Luxury

Founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the company initially gained renown for its precision pocket watches and chronometers. After the Chopard family sold the business to Karl Scheufele III, a German goldsmith and watchmaker, in 1963, it expanded into high-quality jewelry and wristwatches.

Chopard is known for creating a wide variety of timepieces, ranging from simple yet elegant designs to complicated mechanical watches. Its product lines, including the Happy Diamonds, Mille Miglia, and L.U.C collections, beautifully represent the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

The Most Iconic Watches of Chopard

Timepieces That Define the Brand

  1. Chopard Happy Diamonds: This line is best known for its unique design feature of free-moving diamonds that ‘dance’ between two sapphire crystals. Its playful and luxurious aesthetic has made it a staple of Chopard’s collection.

  2. Chopard Mille Miglia: Named after the legendary Italian car race, this collection features sporty and elegant chronographs known for their precision and durability. The designs often draw inspiration from the vintage cars that participate in the race.

  3. Chopard L.U.C: This collection, named after the brand’s founder, represents the highest level of Swiss watchmaking within the Chopard brand. It features timepieces with in-house movements and intricate complications, each embodying a classic and sophisticated aesthetic.

Servicing Your Chopard Watch

Cost and Locations for Servicing

Like all luxury timepieces, Chopard watches require regular maintenance to maintain their precision and performance. The cost of servicing can vary depending on the model and its condition, a standard service might range from $300 to $700.

Chopard boutiques and authorized service centers are the recommended locations for servicing your Chopard watch. These centers employ trained watchmakers and use genuine Chopard parts, ensuring your timepiece’s value and performance are preserved.

Caring for Your Chopard Watch

Tips to Maintain Your Timepiece

To ensure the longevity of your Chopard watch, follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Gently clean your watch regularly with a soft cloth.
  2. Avoid Chemicals and Extreme Temperatures: Protect your watch from exposure to harmful substances and significant temperature changes.
  3. Winding: If your watch is automatic, wear it regularly or wind it manually to keep it running smoothly.
  4. Safe Storage: Store your watch in a cool, dry place when not in use to protect it from dust and moisture.
  5. Regular Servicing: Get your watch serviced every few years to keep it in optimal condition.

With proper care and maintenance, a Chopard watch can serve as a long-lasting symbol of luxury and precision, offering a testament to Swiss watchmaking expertise and the brand’s unique design ethos.


Chopard is famous for producing high-quality movements:

  1. In-House Movements: Chopard has a series of in-house movements that they use in their watches, such as the L.U.C series. The L.U.C series, named after the company’s founder, is a line of highly sophisticated, ultra-thin, and mechanically wound movements. The L.U.C 96.01-L movement, for example, has a 65-hour power reserve and a 22-carat gold micro-rotor.

  2. Fleurier Ebauches Movements: In addition to the L.U.C in-house movements, Chopard also uses Fleurier Ebauches movements. This is a more cost-effective mechanical movement but still provides high-quality and reliable timekeeping.

  3. Quartz Movements: Chopard also makes use of quartz movements, particularly in their ladies’ watches, which are known for their precision and low maintenance.


  1. Gold: Similar to other luxury watch brands, Chopard frequently uses 18k yellow, white, and rose gold in their designs.

  2. Stainless Steel: Many Chopard watches feature stainless steel cases for their durability and sleek appearance.

  3. Platinum: Some high-end Chopard models use platinum for a heavier, more luxurious feel.

  4. Diamonds and Precious Gems: Known for their jewelry as well as their watches, Chopard frequently adorns their timepieces with diamonds and other precious gems like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

  5. Ethically Sourced Materials: Chopard is committed to ethical sourcing and uses only conflict-free diamonds. They also launched the “Green Carpet Collection” of watches and jewelry, which uses only sustainably sourced and fairmined gold.

One of the most expensive Chopard watches is the 201-Carat Watch, which sold for $25 million. It is a unique piece encrusted with a multitude of colored diamonds, totaling 201 carats. The watch has three heart-shaped diamonds in pink (15 carats), blue (12 carats), and white (11 carats), along with a myriad of smaller diamonds.

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