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Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is a classic watch that has been around for over 50 years. It was first worn when NASA sent it to space, where it quickly became the most accurate watch ever made. That’s just one of many reasons why you should consider buying this amazing timepiece! When NASA sent the watches into space they realized that these were the most accurate watches in existence and so started using them as their official timepieces. In fact, because of its accuracy and reliability, it soon became known as “the Moonwatch”.

There are many great Omega Speedmaster watches. Not all have a connection to the moon landing. There are Speedmaster Reduced which are smaller than regular Speedmaster, however, the most iconic Omega Speedmaster is a manual wind.

As you can see per the listings we have at our marketplace, many of these watches are different. From an automatic rasing watch to a moon watch.

Why should you buy a used Omega Speedmaster?

1. You don’t have enough money to get one new omega Speedmaster watch. When you are a young man or woman, and just began your career, it might not be the wife to get a brand new, however, the main reason is that you can save around 20-30% on buying a used Omega Speedmaster watch. When you have an omega Speedmaster watch, other omega owners will see that you are not a “Scrooge.”

2.Omega Speedmaster look is timeless and you will experience the most classic model, however, omega still has a lot of other omega watches.

3. Omega Speedmaster watches do not need to be serviced too often. They last for a long time.

How expensive is it to service Omega watches?

Omega watches are relatively inexpensive to maintain and do not cost as much as other brands of luxury omega. After the full service, you will get 2 years warranty from omega.

The price is from $400-$1,000+ depending on the type of the movement as well as the material used. If you need to service a chronograph watch the service costs is around $750.

Are there many fake Omega Speedmaster watches?

There are a lot of Omegas watches that are sold as counterfeit watches. When buying watches online, you need to make sure that the watches come from a reputable source. Make sure you check the authenticity and how to spot fake omega watches or ask reputable sellers to help you out to source the watch of your dreams.

What are the omega Speedmaster pros and cons?

There are 2 things that may not be advantages, but there will be some people arguing that they can actually be considered as advantages. One is that Omega Speedmaster watches have long power reserve hours which can be more than a couple of days. That is quite a long time that the watch will be running, just like the movement that it has. The second thing is the Omega Speedmaster watch’s power reserve meters which can show exactly how much power reserved the watch has left.

If you are considering purchasing used Omega watches, do not look any further. Our watch marketplace has many of them for sale from great reputable sellers.