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This site is very easy to navigate and a solid resource to buy/sell/trade with trusted people and businesses. I recommend checking it out if you want to expand your watch knowledge, and boost your potential to get a new watch or sell your watch.
Cal K
This is my second time buying from Honza, and again he does not disappoint. From the 1st class customer service, down to the ultra fast shipping, which is almost too good to be true, but it is. Definitely a great source for buying and selling, you won't be disappointed.
William F.
I bought a watch for my hubby and he’s very picky about what he wears. The watch I chose was in mint, brand new condition and for the money I paid it was a significantly better deal than buying a brand new watch. I would definitely buy again and recommend to my friends and family.
Marie I.
This platform has helped me sell my luxury watches and also has a AMAZING selection of timepieces at great prices. Thankful for this marketplace
Dustin B.
Valueyourwatch is one of the best and upcoming platforms for your timepiece marketplace. I have had the chance to use this site and i have to say im impressed with how user friends the platform is.Highly recommend it to all the current and potential users.
ValueYourWatch is raising the standard when it comes to buying and selling your timepieces. The fees here are much more manageable than eBay and make selling your timepiece as painless as possible. When buying a timepiece, they provide some really nice services to protect the buyer, including authenticity checks and escrow. Of course these perks are in addition to the great prices. I have been really impressed with this site!
Thomas G.
Value your watch is an excellent source to acquire and sell your luxury timepieces. Service is top level and the offer keeps growing.
Mario G.
Value Your Watch is a great place to look for your next Luxury timepiece. They are a reputable marketplace and have great customer service, bringing the Aloha to watch buying!
Ito M.
Value your watch is certainly one of he premier destinations for high end luxury watches from reputable sellers. When it comes to luxury watches there are many places to buy, and a lot of people are unsure where best to start. I am happy to say that Value your watch has taken the guess work out and has vetted all the sellers to make sure that they are offering luxury watches that can 100% be counted on to be high quality and authentic. When you are looking for your next watch make sure you check with Value your watch first for your best options.
Michael P.
I love this watch marketplace. The best part is that I do not have to wonder what the fees going to be. It's only a monthly fee to have an account and be able to sell on that platform. The way they run the platform is great. So many improvements and they try to share as much information about sellers as well as their inventory every day.
Honza H.

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