Being able to protect your investments in watches is very important. That’s why in this section we do learn more about recognizing Replica Watches, How to Buy Online and other very helpful tips which will minimize the chance of getting screwed.

Got scammed: How to get my money back

If you buy or sell luxury watches online, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten scammed, or at least someone tried to scam you. It’s a risk of the business, an occupational hazard – and one that keeps a lot of people out of the game. And, yes, it’s happened to me. Fortunately, I’ve learned to ...

Should you be insuring your watch collection.

Insuring my watch collection is something I have wondered about for a long time.  I had a lot of questions, like: At what point is my collection big enough to need insurance? What does it cover and why is it even worth paying for in the first place? Who even offers insurance for watch ...

How Risky is to Buy Naked Watches

If you ever wonder what naked watches means, here is the answer. Watches, which do not have any box and papers accompanied the sale. All you get is the watch. Do I think that buying naked watches is risky? Yes and No. It all depends who the seller is because you need to trust the seller first ...

Why You Should not wear fake Watches

Do you have a Fake or Counterfeit watch in your collection? I hope you don't because it is hurting the watch industry and many people are profiting by selling those watches. I get the part that the real watches are expensive, but they are expensive for a good reason. Would you drive a ...

How To Export Watches Fast And Safe

Exporting watches does not have to be complicated. The world we live in is so connected, and you might be surprised where the buyers of your luxury watches might be living. I have exported many watches to various parts of the world, which thought me many valuable lessons. It does not matter if you ...

I bought a fake watch, How did I deal with it?

Yes, I bought a fake watch, not because I was looking to buy one, but because I was sold one. I was expecting to get the OMEGA Speedmaster “Eyes on the Starts” Snoopy Limited edition. When I got the watch in the mail, I was very thrilled to open the box and see the watch which many people ...

What to Look for When Buying Watches Online

Aside from the excitement of the hunt and the kill (finding a great timepiece and jumping on it), buying watches online is usually a simple and straightforward process. If you haven’t made a purchase like this before, however, it may seem a bit daunting. There are so many options and ...

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