How to set up a return policy selling watches online

Selling watches online can be a very lucrative business; however, it comes with some challenges. One of the biggest challenges is to deal with returns.

There are different ways you can deal with returns on the watches you have sold.

Some watch sellers give buyers three days, others 14 days to return the watch, but there are those they do not accept any returns at all.

Let’s break down the different types of returns and how should you deal with them.

How to set up return policy selling watches online
Pic. Credit: Timepiecesonpar

Here are the most common Return Policy Selling Watches Online

  • Sold As Is
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 30 days

Sold As Is

When you are selling watches as is, the return policy selling that specific watch does not exist.

By a legal definition, “As-is is a term used in warranty law to disclaim the seller’s liability for faults in the item sold. The buyer accepts the item in the present condition, whether the faults are apparent or not.”

The key to selling watches online is to disclose everything you can about the watch you are selling.

The more relative information you reveal people will have a weaker case to get their money back because they just do not like the watch.

Also, keep in mind that depending on the payment method you used to sell your watch the buyer might still be able to get their money back.

For Example, if they pay with PayPal, they have 180 days to request a refund or if they paid with a credit card, the bank might charge back your account because they did mention they did not approve the charge. The stronger communication between you and the buyer the better.

The number of days to be able to Return watches online

The only difference in this return policy is the number of days watch buyers have time to return your watch.

All the watch sellers do require to get the watch in the same condition they sent the watch as well as meet a certain condition.

Here is a list of possible condition the buyer needs to follow

  • Send the watch back in 3, 7,14,30 days
  • Do not wear the watch
  • Needs to be in original condition
  • All accessories need to be return
  • A restocking fee of 10%, 15%

When you accept the request for the return you need to wait to get the watch. When you received the item, and the customer met the condition above and everything looks as it should you can start the refund process.

The Refund Process

Depending on the payment method you have in place there will be a different approach. If the buyer paid by using PayPal or Stripe, the refund should be simple. Just log in on the dashboard and send a refund. If you did receive a wire transfer, you will need more information from the customer. You can learn about the information here.

Should I or Should I not do the refund?

This is very individual, each of us has own approach to deal with the return policy. There are special situations that you will bend the rules and help with the return.

Personally, I do prefer not to do returns on watches I sell, but I do understand, that sometimes, something is not as expected and to keep karma going well it’s worth to do the right thing.

This blog post was written by Honza Hroch the founder of Value Your Watch marketplace, whose passion started by joining Watch Trading Academy.