Buying Preowned TAG Heuer

When people look at buying preowned luxury watches, TAG Heuer usually isn’t the fist brand they think about. Rolex, Audemars Pigue, Patek Philippe, these are the go to luxury brands. These brands, however, are not for everyone. That is where TAG Heuer can really fill in a much needed space in the luxury watch world.


Founded in 1860 as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG by Edouard Heuer, the company was a leading watchmaking establishment. In 1887, Heuer patented the oscillating pinion that is still used in many current chronographs by multiple different manufacturers. It’s just one of the many reasons TAG Group purchased the majority stake of Heuer back in 1985. It’s a legendary company in the horological world.


The classic Heuer is obviously the chronograph. This is what made Heuer, Heuer. From instruments to dashboard clocks for racing, the chronograph is what made Heuer such an iconic brand. This is why Heuer has been involved in motorsports since the 1920s, and still is to this day. Heuer not only creates timepieces, but timing pieces as well. It is in the Heuer DNA and continues on in the current TAG Heuer lineup today.


Now we can think of the good old days of Heuer, but do not sleep on the TAG Heuer leadership as well. People often think the Swiss watch industry is just hanging on to old ideals and don’t have any real innovation. This is a special concern when they look at what some of the other countries out there are doing with watches. Heuer, however, is not one to sit around and pump out ancient technology in a new package. Just look at the Mikro Series. It is a modern take on the original 1/100 chronograph. Watching the second hand fly around the dial is something to behold, and only found on this, and a Zenith. It truly is a marvel to behold and one of the reasons TAG Heuer should not be ignored.


If you need more reasons to buy a preowned TAG Heuer, I have a list right here for you.

  • They are a Legitimate Manufacture
  • They Have Timeless, Famous Designs
  • Involved in the Pinacle of Sports


They are a Legitimate Manufacture


In order to be called a Manufacture in the watch business, a watch company has to develop the vast majority of their timepieces in house, including the movement. They Heuer 02 is just such a movement. It became the de facto premier chronograph movement in the TAG Heuer line and truly is a special one. This particular movement found its way into the three main TAG Heuer lineups, the Monaco, the Autavia, and the Carrera. It has fewer moving parts than many other contemporary chronographs and has a longer power reserve at 80 hours. Plus all this can be had under $5000 new, which is pretty unheard of in the Swiss watch industry. Considering on the preowned market, they are way above 50% of new MSRP, you can see how buying a preowned TAG Heuer is a good idea.


Another beautiful set of movements belong to the Mikro Series of watches. These are all tourbillons. These all are capable of incredible feats of engineering. The most popular of these is the MikrotourbillonS. This watch has a double tourbillon, one powering the timekeeping function, and the other powering the chronograph. It is capable of 1/100 second accuracy on the chronograph. Then you have the Mikrotimer Flying 1000. As the name suggests, this Chronograph is accurate to 1/1000 of a second. The first watch in history that can do this, and still the only one….. Nevermind TAG Heuer released the Mikrogirder, the 5/10000 second chronograph(1/2000 second to the normals like me).


Overall, TAG Heuer is back in the realm of legitimate watchmakers considering just 20 years ago, every watch came with an ETA or Sellita movement. In the last 20 years has seen a rejuvenation of the brand and is making it clear that TAG Heuer is going to sit around a pump out the same old story. It is just adding to the value of buying a preowned TAG Heuer.


They Have Timeless, Famous Designs


When a person thinks about TAG Heuer, the first thing that comes to mind is Steve Mcqueen. It was the Blue Monaco that he wore in Le Mans. It became synonymous with racing and is still just as classic. Now it can be had with the wonderful Heuer 02 movement.


The next classic on the list is the Carrera. Named after racing, and built for racing, this chronograph has been around since the 60s. With the new 02 movement, it is an exceptional timepiece. There have been the correct updates to this piece so it retains its original soul while being a modern interpretation. It also comes in the modern 44mm Sport variant. TAG Heuer is definitely keeping up with the times.


Finally there is the Autavia, once again available with that 02. Also conceived in wrist form in the 60s, it has also received modern updates without destroying the soul that developed over the years. Originally a dashboard instrument, the name derives from AUTomotive and AVIAtion, putting chronographs in race cars and airplanes. 


Buying a preowned TAG Heuer harkens to these timing pioneers. You can be rest assured that the name still means something and you can’t find this kind of value in other avenues.


Involved in the Pinnacle of Sports


Heuer is the only timing tool to be involved in Formula 1 since it’s outset. It has in one way or another been a major sponsor. The most famous of the involvement of the brand was with McLaren. From 83-87 McLaren utilized TAG Heuer engines by Porsche. Then in 2016, TAG Heuer was once again a major engine name with Red Bull utilizing TAG Heuer by Renault engines. TAG Heuer also spent about 30 years as the official timepiece of the McLaren racing team. Buying a preowned TAG Heuer should be an easy choice after this, but to make it more interesting, it’s name is not kept to Formula 1 alone.


Some of the other major sponsorships involved the Olympic Games and the Skiing World Championships. TAG Heuer is also the official timekeeper of The Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, the J1 League, and MLS. Soccer is the world’s sport and TAG Heuer is involved in a major way. The value of a preowned TAG Heuer is hard to argue with this involvement.


The things you need to look for when buying pre-owned TAG Heuer watches

Buying anything used should require some research because you are not buying a used toy for your kids, but a luxury watch that costs several thousands of dollars.

If you are a person who likes to be in control and likes to research the watches you are planning to buy, your main focus should be to know who the sellers are.

By choosing the right sellers, you will find out if the TAG Heuer watch is the right one. In case you are not familiar with how to vet trusted sellers, you should read this blog post.

‘”Trusted Watch Sellers”

Trusted sellers care more about their reputation than money.Hence a good seller will provide you an accurate watch description and alsowill be able to answer all your questions.

If you like to sit and relax, you can always have other watch dealers look for your watch. The downside is that the watch will be a bit more expensive, but you don’t have to take the risk of buying a counterfeit watch.

How can you find TAG Heuer watches for sale?

Finding the right TAG Heuer watch for sale requires a lot of work unless you know what you are looking for.Value Your Watch also offers great TAG Heuer watches for sale,

Always remember, it always comes down to who the seller is. Sometimes the watch deal seems too good to be true.You don’t want to risk purchasing an TAG Heuer watch from a dishonest person who can potentially scam you.

You might look at different marketplaces and realize that a watch is priced well, but you will need to pay fees such as sales tax, which are charged even if you are purchasing the watch from individual sellers.


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