2023 TUDOR Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 FULL SET


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Mint condition with factory stickers still attached on case sides and back except for one small scratch on the clasp. Complete set dated 2023.



For sale is this latest and greatest Tudor Black Bay Pepsi featuring the new white opaline dial. This is a full set dated May 2023 with factory stickers still attached on the caseback and sides of the case and caseback with all original links. As a unique dial variation of an already popular Tudor Pepsi, this is a instant classic. Still under manufacturer warranty but I cover routine service for my clients. There is a small scratch on the clasp but otherwise the watch is mint. Overall a great piece for both veteran and new Tudor collectors and a perfect holiday gift.

Please keep in mind the photos were taken with a macro lens so I could authentically represent the watch, but once on the wrist, you quickly forget about any imperfections. My closeups make everything look worse than they really are.

All photos are taken by me and are of the EXACT watch you will receive! Please excuse the dust. Happy to provide additional photos.

Brand – Tudor

Model – Black Bay Pepsi GMT White Opaline 41mm

Movement – Automatic

Case material – Stainless Steel

Bracelet material – Stainless Steel

Year of production – 2023

Condition – Great condition

Location – Boca Raton, Florida

Includes – Double Box and original papers and booklets (complete set)

Case size – 41mm

Preferred Payment Methods – Bank Wire, Cash, Direct through Ebay

Shipping Method – Fully insured priority overnight

For references purposes or to see more of my collection, IG MOHIMEDIA

I want you to feel comfortable, it’s easy to vet me as I go by MOHIMEDIA everywhere.


I have been in the business of collecting and consulting on luxury timepieces since 2019 and have NEVER had a complaint or return.

I have a reputation to maintain: you are getting a good watch and working with a professional who has plenty of references within the luxury space and with clients that would happily vouch for me.

I am low volume which means I can give each watch and client my full attention so nothing gets missed. Working with me is about developing a business relationship where the benefits grow year after year as you become a “Legacy Client” of mine. Some of my legacy clients have gone on to partner with me on deals and get insider access to the luxury markets. I cover routine service for my clients and offer buybacks as well. I can provide direct solutions to all other issues that may occur by leveraging my global network of watchmakers, dealers, etc.

My goal is to become your “go-to” guy and consultant. Come to me when you need to move a watch and intelligently reallocate capital based on your current collections and goals. I am happy to procure a watch after taking a deposit & I am open to consignment.

As an “Ivy Leaguer Gone Rogue,” I am your access to the Ivy League network and luxury markets without the red tape. My clientele is typically Wall St, Lawyers, Consultants, Doctors, and of course, small business owners. I don’t come from money and I don’t discriminate. I look forward to doing business with you and bringing you access to my network.



Summary of 2023 TUDOR Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 FULL SET

Design and Aesthetics

The 2023 Tudor Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline M79830RB-0010 is a striking timepiece that combines classic design elements with modern functionality. This model features a 41mm stainless steel case, providing a robust and masculine presence on the wrist. The standout feature is its distinctive ‘Pepsi’ bezel, named for its red and blue color scheme, which adds a vibrant contrast to the overall design. The white opaline dial offers a clean and legible interface, with luminescent hands and markers for enhanced visibility.

Movement and Functionality

Powered by a reliable in-house movement, this watch boasts impressive technical capabilities, including a bidirectional rotatable bezel, which is useful for tracking a second time zone. The movement ensures high precision and has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. Additionally, the watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it suitable for diving and other water activities.

Special Features and Full Set

This model comes with a full set, which typically includes the original box, warranty card, and all related documentation. The presence of stickers indicates that the watch is in a virtually unworn condition, preserving its originality and value.

Summary of Brand

History and Heritage

Tudor, a sister company to Rolex, was founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf. The brand has established itself as a maker of high-quality watches that offer Rolex’s reliability and style at a more accessible price point. Tudor has a rich history of providing durable watches for professional use, including military and diving watches.

Innovation and Collections

Tudor is known for its innovative approach to watchmaking, constantly evolving its designs while maintaining its heritage. The Black Bay line, in particular, has gained acclaim for its vintage-inspired aesthetic combined with modern technology. Tudor’s collections are diverse, ranging from the elegant Glamour series to the rugged Pelagos diving watches.

Brand Philosophy and Recognition

Tudor’s philosophy is grounded in accessibility, reliability, and distinct style. The brand has gained a loyal following among watch enthusiasts who appreciate its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation.

Guide to Buying and Selling2023 TUDOR Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 FULL SET Online

Buying Tips

Authenticity and Verification

When purchasing a Tudor Black Bay Pepsi online, the primary concern should be authenticity. Ensure that you are dealing with reputable sellers or platforms that offer authenticity checks. Look for detailed descriptions and high-resolution images that accurately represent the watch.

Understanding the Full Set

Confirm that the watch is indeed a full set, which enhances its value and desirability. Check that the original box, warranty card, and documentation are included, and verify the presence of stickers, which indicate minimal use.

Pricing and Market Research

Research the market to understand the fair pricing for this model. Prices can vary based on the condition, rarity, and completeness of the set. Be wary of prices significantly lower than the market average, as this could indicate potential issues with the watch.

Selling Tips

Presentation and Documentation

When selling your Tudor Black Bay Pepsi, ensure it is presented in its best condition. Include all original packaging, documentation, and any service records. High-quality photographs that showcase the watch from various angles can significantly enhance its appeal.

Setting the Right Price

Price your watch competitively by researching what similar models are selling for. Consider the watch’s condition, any unique features, and the fact that it’s a full set with stickers, which can command a premium.

Choosing the Right Platform

Sell through a reputable online platform or auction site that specializes in luxury watches. These platforms often provide a larger and more targeted audience, attracting serious collectors and buyers.

Transparency and Communication

Be transparent about the condition of the watch, its history, and any repairs or replacements it may have undergone. Clear and honest communication is key to building trust with potential buyers and ensuring a smooth transaction.

The 2023 Tudor Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 Full Set is a remarkable timepiece that combines Tudor’s rich heritage with contemporary style and functionality. Whether you are looking to buy or sell this model, understanding its features, the brand’s legacy, and navigating the online marketplace with informed strategies are crucial for a satisfying experience.

Specification: 2023 TUDOR Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 FULL SET

Box and Papers

Case Diameter/Width

Case Material

Clasp Type


Crystal Type

Dial Color


Date, Dial, GMT

Watch Type


Water Resistance

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2023 TUDOR Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 FULL SET
2023 TUDOR Black Bay Pepsi White Opaline w/Stickers 41mm M79830RB-0010 FULL SET


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