Buying a preowned Tudor watch makes sense. It is the sister company of Rolex. Rolex is the King of luxury watches and Tudor is arguably the prince. There is no reason not to buy a preowned Tudor. Since Rolex is impossible to buy from an AD, Tudor can fill that gap. Be quick however as the Tudor is filling up quickly(quite possibly due to Rolex tactics).


The issue with Tudor is the image of being a below quality Rolex. Originally, this was not far from the truth, utilizing Rolex Oyster cases and bracelets with off the shelf movements from other Swiss manufacturers. Tudor is now, however, it’s own manufacture. Buying a preowned Tudor has a connection to the king of marketing, Rolex, while still retaining its own identity.


Tudor is releasing some watches with high demand and that demand isn’t going anywhere. It is to the point where the most popular Tudor watches are on a waiting list just like Rolex. The great part is the value is there and you don’t have the ridiculous premiums that are commanded with Rolex. If you need more reasons, here is a list.

  • They are Rolex’s Sister Company
  • They are a True Manufacture
  • They Hold Their Value


They are Rolex’s Sister Company


If you didn’t know, Tudor was founded as Veuve de Philippe Huther on behalf of Hans Wildorf, the founder of Rolex. As everyone knows, Rolex is the king of marketing. Owning a Rolex has been a sign of making it since the 20s. Rolex realized that people will invest in luxury timepieces that don’t require an arm and a leg to purchase. It is this realization that sprung the line, and being connected to Rolex, you can be sure you are not getting a poor quality product. Rolex would never tarnish their reputation. If you are going to be a sister company to the king, you better bring the quality along with you.


This relationship with Rolex definitely contained some advantages in the beginning. The Oyster Case and bracelet were the king in the early days of Tudor. Being able to utilize this technology definitely gave Tudor a head start. When you have that kind of technology behind you, people will pay attention. If it was a problem, Rolex would have simply scrapped the idea. Since it was founded in 1926, and celebrates its 100 year anniversary in just a few short years, this just shows you how successful the Tudor experiment was. Buying a preowned Tudor based on this alone should be enough for most people, but if you need more reasons, read further.


They are a True Manufacture


Tudor has usually relied on Swiss movements from the major manufacturers, especially Valjoux. This made sense in the beginning. It was a surefire strategy, Rolex parts with other movements. These movements are proven, these Rolex parts are proven. However, this is a very boring strategy. You can see this influence with just about every other Swiss watch maker in the world. In house movements are all the rage. Just look at what happened at TAG Heuer, Breitling, and Panerai. All companies have sought the Seal of Geneva. In order to do this, they needed to manufacture their entire watch in house. 


Enter Tudor. They are not immune to the influence of being a Manufacture. Their sister company has been doing it for years. Instead of doing the expected, include Rolex movements, they went full on their own atelier in Bienne, Switzerland. The first model was the North Flag housing the MT5621. This movement set the stage, as Tudor wanted to continue on their quest to make affordable, quality luxury watches. It was technically sound, if the finishing was simple. Date, power reserve indicator, 70hr power reserve. It was no slouch in the technical department. It laid the groundwork for future in house pieces. When buying a preowned Tudor, this move should draw huge interest.


They Hold Their Value


It makes sense that Tudor would hold its value. It is a Swiss Manufacture, and it is tied to the king of luxury watches. It has been long established over the last few years, that one cannot simply walk into a Rolex dealer and buy the hottest models. This has caused a trickle down to the Tudor lineup. Since we won’t be getting that Rolex GMT Master II let’s buy that Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT. It is a high quality watch, it is available, and you have the same level of service(probably better since Rolex will most likely ignore you). Once people realize there is great value for the Tudor brand, other models become just as popular. This makes buying a preowned Tudor quite worth it.


As of right now Tudor models are slowly inching up in price. There is also a waitlist for their most popular models. Whatever the Rolex company is doing, it must be working. If you do happen to buy a preowned Tudor, all signs are pointing to appreciation, with most of the popular models trending just a hair below MSRP. 


The things you need to look for when buying pre-owned Tudor watches

Buying anything used should require some research because you are not buying a used toy for your kids, but a luxury watch that costs several thousands of dollars.

If you are a person who likes to be in control and likes to research the watches you are planning to buy, your main focus should be to know who the sellers are.

By choosing the right sellers, you will find out if the Tudor watch is the right one. In case you are not familiar with how to vet trusted sellers, you should read this blog post.

‘”Trusted Watch Sellers”

Trusted sellers care more about their reputation than money.Hence a good seller will provide you an accurate watch description and also will be able to answer all your questions.

If you like to sit and relax, you can always have other watch dealers look for your watch. The downside is that the watch will be a bit more expensive, but you don’t have to take the risk of buying a counterfeit watch.

How can you find Tudor watches for sale?

Finding the right Tudor watch for sale requires a lot of work unless you know what you are looking for.Value Your Watch also offers great Tudor watches for sale,

Always remember, it always comes down to who the seller is. Sometimes the watch deal seems too good to be true.You don’t want to risk purchasing an Tudor watch from a dishonest person who can potentially scam you.

You might look at different marketplaces and realize that a watch is priced well, but you will need to pay fees such as sales tax, which are charged even if you are purchasing the watch from individual sellers.


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