The Best Watch Review and Horological Channels on YouTube in 2020 1

What are the best Watch Review and Horological channels on YouTube? If you like watches you might like different types of channels, but in the end, we all enjoy watches and learning about them in many forms.

All the channels are very unique and each person is very passionate about watch reviews as well as horology.

I would suggest, to check out even the channels with fewer subscribers, because you might be surprised how good those channels are. Keep I mind that I am not responsible for you spending endless hours on YouTube.

You might enjoy some Watch Review channels more than others, but what they have common is the passion for watches.

The list of the best Watch Channels

Bear Clooney Watches

Joined Aug 24, 2013

YouTube Channel: Bear Clooney Watches

Monochrome Watches

Joined Jan 15, 2011

YouTube Channel: Monochrome Watches
Website link: Monochrome Watches

Spencer Klein

Joined Dec 12, 2007

YouTube Channel: Spencer Klein
Website link: Klein Vintage Watch

Roman Sharf

Joined Jun 18, 2017

YouTube Channel: Roman Sharf
Website link: LuxuryBazaar

Watch On

Joined May 6, 2016

YouTube Channel: Watch On
Website link: Watch On

Tick Tocking

Joined Oct 15, 2014

YouTube Channel: TickTocking
Website link: N/A

Page and Cooper

Joined Apr 23, 2012

YouTube Channel: Page and Cooper
Website link: Page & Cooper

Take Time

Joined Sep 28, 2017

YouTube Channel: Take Time, w/Patrick Marlett
Website link: N/A

Joined Jan 12, 2015

YouTube Channel:
Website link:


Joined Jan 10, 2018

YouTube Channel: WatchAdvisor
Website link: WatchAdvisor


Joined Mar 8, 2016

YouTube Channel: Bijou Diamond Jewellery
Website link: Bijou Diamond Jewellery

The Slender Wrist

Joined Dec 19, 2016

YouTube Channel: The Slender Wrist
Website link: The Slender Wrist

Random Rob

Joined Oct 22, 2006

YouTube Channel: Random Rob
Website link: N/A

Watch Report

Joined Dec 24, 2006

YouTube Channel:
Website link:


Joined Sep 30, 2007

YouTube Channel: Watch Geek
Website link: N/A


Joined Apr 10, 2011

YouTube Channel: wornandwound
Website link: wornandwound

Bruce Williams

Joined Nov 7, 2013

YouTube Channel: Bruce Williams
Website link: N/A

Time + Tide Watches

Joined Jan 17, 2014

YouTube Channel: Time + Tide Watches
Website link: Time + Tide Watches


Joined Mar 14, 2015

Website link: N/A

Bark and Jack

Joined Jun 23, 2017

YouTube Channel: Bark and Jack
Website link: N/A


Joined Aug 24, 2013

Website link: ArchieLuxury


Joined Apr 10, 2017

YouTube Channel: WatchBox Reviews
Website link: WatchBox

Theo and Harris

Joined Oct 11, 2015

YouTube Channel: Theo and Harris
Website link:

Federico Talks Watches

Joined Dec 17, 2012

YouTube Channel: Frederico Talks Watches
Website link: N/A

The Time Teller

Joined Jul 6, 2017

YouTube Channel: The Time Teller
Website link: N/A

Just One More Watch

Joined Aug 30, 2013

YouTube Channel: Just One More Watch
Website link: N/A

London Watch Collector

Joined Jan 1, 2018

YouTube Channel: London Watch Collector
Website link: N/A

Long Island Watch

Joined Jun 12, 2012

YouTube Channel: Long Island Watch
Website link: Long Island Watch

Watch Repair

Joined Dec 26, 2010

YouTube Channel: Watch Repair Channel
Website link: Watch Repair

Joined Jun 8, 2011

YouTube Channel:
Website link:

Teddy Baldassarre

Joined Jun 23, 2017

YouTube Channel: Teddy Baldassarre
Website link: Teddy Baldassarre

a Blog to Watch

Joined YouTube in April 10, 2009

YouTube channel:
Website Link:

Watchfinder & Co.

Joined Feb 24, 2010

YouTube Channel: Watchfinder & Co.
Website link: Watchfinder & Co.

The Urban Gentry

Joined May 4, 2014

YouTube Channel: The Urban Gentry
Website link: N/A


There are so many different YouTube Channels that focuses on Watch Reviews and other watch-related topics. The key is to choose the one you will enjoy. This list of the YouTube Channel updates regularly.

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