The Best Luxury Watch Brands For Resale

Many people like to buy luxury watches because they like the look, mechanical engineering and craftsmanship. Some people buy luxury watches to resell later on if they need cash or just to try on different luxury watches.

I have seen many watch forums and bulletin boards where people say that you shouldn’t buy a watch as an investment. I don’t necessarily buy a watch as an investment, but I would like to know how much money I might potentially lose or gain if I decide to resell the watch.

It’s like knowing how much money I will have in my savings account after keeping my money there for two years. Because I know I will get 0.25%, my expectation is set. There is no guessing, and I know what to expect.

Being educated on various watch brands and knowing the worth after purchasing the watches directly from the Authorized Dealers, is powerful.

In this blog post, I will share information on some of the most known watch brands and how well they stack up if you decide to resell them.

How did I choose the watches?

There are many watches that are listed on the manufactures websites for sale. I focused on the more known timepieces in the watch world. Yes, there are other watch brands I could include which might be more prevalent in your eyes.

What’s the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)

The MSRP was taken directly from the manufactured websites.

How Did I find out about the Current Market Value?

I used the steps discussed in this blog post

The Main Source fo the prices:Chrono24, eBay, WatchRecon.

Supply and Demand in Watches

Keep in mind that prices are dictated by supply and demand. If more people want the watch and supply is low, the price increases. If the demand for the watch is not high and supply is growing, the price decreases.

For example, if there is a pandemic, recession, or another global event, the prices might not be as stable compared to a good economy.

Is The Retail Value the amount of money I get?

No, because each platform charges fees to sell on them and they also charge a commission when the watch sells.

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The best Luxury Watch Brands for Resale

#1 Rolex#7 Panerai
#2 Patek Philippe#8 Cartier
#3 Audemars Piguet# 9 Hublot
#4 Omega#10 Tag Heuer
#5 Grand Seiko#11 Bell & Ross
#6 Breitling#12 IWC Schaffhausen

#1 Rolex

rolex daytona, panda dial, value your watch

Rolex watches are one of the most iconic watch brands around the world. There are many examples of why so many people enjoy this luxury watch brand. Rolex, is undoubtedly one of the most thought watch brands in the world due to its perceived value among the global population.

The Best Resale Watches From Rolex

You have probably heard that the stainless steel watches from Rolex are almost impossible to get from the ADs around the world unless you have a purchase history with them or you got lucky. The GMTs are also very popular, as well as some Daytonas.

  • Rolex Submariner Day (116610LN)
    • MSRP: $8950
    • Resell Value:$9000-$10,000
  • Rolex Submariner Date aka Hulk (116610LV)
    • MSRP: $9,350
    • Resell Value: $13,000-$15,000
  • Rolex GMT -Master II aka Batman (126710BLN)
    • MSRP: $9,700
    • Resell Value: $12,500-$13,500
  • Rolex GMT – Master II aka Pepsi (126710BLRO)
    • MSRP: $9,700
    • Resell Value:$15,500-$16,500
  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona aka Panda (116500LN)
    • MSRP:$13,150
    • Resell Value: $20,500-$23,000

The Worst Resale Watches From Rolex

Like most of the watch brands, there are watches that are not as desirable as the manufacture might want them to be. Here is the list of few Rolex watches which are losing a lot of value on the secondary market when people want to resell them.

  • Rolex DateJust 41mm Two Tone (126333)
    • MSRP: $13,250
    • Resell Value:$9,950-$12,000
  • Rolex Day- Date 40 Gold (228238)
    • MSRP: $36,550
    • Resell Value: $28,000- $30,000
  • Rolex Cellini Date white Gold (50519)
    • MSRP: $17,900
    • Resell Value: $12,000-13,000
  • Rolex Submariner Date Two Tone (116613ln)
    • MSRP: $14,100
    • Resell Value:$11,000-$13,000
  • Rolex Datejust 31mm (178240)
    • MSRP: $6,400
    • Resell Value: $4000-$5,000

As you can see, Rolex has some hype and some not so hype watches when it comes to reselling them. Because Rolex watches are globally trendy, it is essential to follow the current market value because each year is different.

#2 Patek Philippe

As Patek Philippe advertises. “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” Yes, Patek is a very significant brand among the 1% in the world. A friend of mine had a Patek Philippe, and he mentioned that his son would get it after him. The advertisement says it just right.

The Best Resell Watches From Patek Philippe.

The most desirable models are very hard to obtain from the Authorized Dealers because some of the models are selling a lot above the MSRP.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus (White Dial)(5711/1A)
    • MSRP: $30,620
    • Resell Value:$65,000-$70,000
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus (Blue Dial)(5711/1A)
    • MSRP: $30,620
    • Resell Value:$61,000-$70,000
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold (5711/1R)
    • MSRP:$53,300
    • Resell Value: $85,000-$95,000
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar (5740/1G)
    • MSRP:$123,238
    • Resell Value:$ $165,000-$180,000
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph, Date, Rose Gold (5980/1R)
    • MSRP:$88,230
    • Resell Value:$ $115,000-$160,000

The Worst Resell Watches From Patek Phillipe.

Patek Philippe has many different watches, and not all are reselling for a premium. As you will see below, there are watches, which loose thousands of dollars after you try to resell it right after you buy it.

  • Patek Philippe Calatrava (5227J)
    • MSRP:$33,450
    • Resell Value:$25,500-$30,000
  • Patek Philippe Calatrava (5196J)
    • MSRP:$20,870
    • Resell Value:$15,000-$18,000
  • Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Gold (5327J)
    • MSRP:$88,450
    • Resell Value:$62,000-$70,000
  • Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph-Grand Complication, Platinum(5370P)
    • MSRP:$257,420
    • Resell Value:$180,000-$200,000
  • Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse, Platinum (5738P)
    • MSRP:$52,390
    • Resell Value:$32,000-43,000

As you can see, the Nautilus watches are selling very high above MSRP when someone decided to resell the watch. If you think you can just go to get a Nautilus, you are mistaken. The production of the watch is limited and there is a long waiting period to get it, as it is one of the hot watches.

On the other hand, if you want to get any Patek Philippe, you should not have a problem getting the less desirable timepiece, which is made as good as the hype watches.

#3 Audemars Piguet (AP)

Audemars Piguet has a long history since 1875 when it was founded in the village of Le Brassus, Switzerland. AP is known for its many excellent timepieces as well as the thinnest automatic perpetual calendar watch in 2019. Royal Oak, Royal Oak concept, Royal Oak Offshore, Millenary, Jules Audemars, Haute Joaillerie, Classique, and Code 11.59.

The Best Resell watches from Audemars Piguet.

Audemars Piguet is a very prestigious watch, and many business executives, business owners like these watches. They feel very comfortable on your wrist and hold value very well, and they are relatively easy to resell, especially the Royal Oak watches.

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding (15500ST.OO.1220ST.01)
    • MSRP:$20,400
    • Resell Value:$30,000-32,000
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Panda Dial(15407OR.OO.1220OR.01)
    • MSRP:$$76,800
    • Resell Value:$118,000-$130,00
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronograph (26400SO.OO.A054CA.01)
    • MSRP:$31,000
    • Resell Value:$28,500-$30,000
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronograph (26400SO.OO.A055CA.01)
    • MSRP:$32,200
    • Resell Value:$32,000-$35,000
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronograph (26237ST.OO.1000ST.01)
    • MSRP:$29,000
    • Resell Value:$31,000-$35,000

The Worst Resell watches from Audemars Piguet

If you think that all the watches from AP will hold it’s value well above MSRP, you are mistaken. There are many which are reselling for less than the official sale price.

  • Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronographs,Blue Dial (26470ST.OO.A030CA.01)
    • MSRP:$27,400
    • Resell Value:$20,500-$23,500
  • Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronographs, Cigarbrown dial with blue counters (26470ST.OO.A099CR.01)
    • MSRP:$27,400
    • Resell Value:$20,000-$22,500
  • Jules Audemars Extra-Thin (15180OR.OO.A088CR.01)
    • MSRP:$26,000
    • Resell Value:$16,000-$18,000
  • Jules Audemars Extra-Thin, Silver Dial (15180BC.OO.A002CR.01)
    • MSRP:$26,000
    • Resell Value:$10,000-$12,000

If you are looking to purchase Audemars Piquet watch, I will recommend visiting the Authorized dealer. To be able to get the watch at MSRP, you would need to get it directly from them. You might get lucky and get the watch you want, or you will put your name on the waiting list. Watches made by Audemars Piguet are superb, even if you purchase a watch which will not hold its value as well, you will be pleased by its craftsmanship.

#4 Omega

Omega watches are one of the most famous watch brands. It is part of the Swatch group. Omega is known for being the first watch on the moon, James Bond Watch, as well as the official timekeeper for Olympic games.

The Best Resell watches from Omega

Like most of the watch brands, Omega is trying to have some limited edition watches; people like to be among a few who are going to acquire that luxury timepiece. When I was looking at the resell value of various Omega watches, I noticed that none of the current watches for sale from AD are selling above MSRP. In general, the watches which are selling above MSRP are Limited edition, and they sell fast.

  • Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42mm White Dial Steel on Steel (
    • MSRP: $5,200
    • Resell Value: $3,700-$4,200
  • OMEGA Seamaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42mm Steel ‑ Sedna™ Gold on a rubber strap (
    • MSRP: $6,800
    • Resell Value: $4,500-$5,500
  • Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon 44.25mm (311.
    • MSRP: $12,000
    • Resell Value: $6,500-$8,000
  • OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm (311.
    • MSRP: $5,350
    • Resell Value:$3,500-$4,000
  • OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 43.5mm (
    • MSRP: $6,550
    • Resell Value:$3500-$4,000

There are so many different types of watches made by Omega from Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville, and Specialties modes such as the Olympic Games Collection.

I would suggest purchasing a watch from reputable dealers who can get you the watch for less than MSRP. It never hurts to ask for a discount or get a used watch, which will depreciate much less than a brand new form AD.

The great thing about Omega watches is that the secondary market is relatively stable, and you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of money if you decide to resell the Omega Later on.

#5 Grand Seiko

Is Grand Seiko SBGA 011 "Snowflake" a luxury watch to get?

Grand Seiko is a Japanese company which was founded in 1960. Since then they have slowly become one of the more recognizable watch brands in the world. Grand Seiko makes many great watches that have a large following.

The Best Resell Watches from Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko has some great watches which are reselling very close or above the official MSRP. Grand Seiko is gaining more popularity among many watch fans, and that’s one of the reasons why Grand Seiko watches are keeping its value much better.

  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (SBGA413)
    • MSRP:$6,300
    • Resell Value:$7,999
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (SBGN009) LE of 2,019 pcs
    • MSRP:$3,000
    • Resell Value:$2,700-$3,500
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (SBGA407)
    • MSRP:$5,800
    • Resell Value:$5,200-$6,000
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (SBGA285)
    • MSRP:$3,800
    • Resell Value:$3,150-$4,000
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (SBGA211)
    • MSRP:$5,800
    • Resell Value:$5,000-5,800

The Worst Resell watches from Grand Seiko

Like other watch brands, some watches are less desirable, which means the resell value of these Grand Seikos is not as good as the previous mentioned.

  • Grand Seiko Sport Collection (SBGA229)
    • MSRP:$6,000
    • Resell Value:$4,100-5,000
3 black grand seiko  for sale on ebay
  • Grand Seiko Sport Collection (SBGC229) LE of 200 pcs
    • MSRP: $21,000
    • Resell Value: $ $15,750-$16,000
3 watches for sale Nissan GT-R Grand Seiko
  • Grand Seiko Heritage Collection (SBGA201)
    • MSRP:$4,900
    • Resell Value:$3,375-$3,650
  • Grand Seiko Elegance Collection (SBGR261)
    • MSRP:$4,300
    • Resell Value:$3,000-$3,400
List of watches for sale
  • Grand Seiko Sport Collection (SBGH255)
    • MSRP:$9,600
    • Resell Value:$7,500-$8,400
two watches

Grand Seiko is an excellent Japanese brand. If you are looking to purchase Grand Seiko, you can be confident that you will get a high-quality watch. These watches are starting to become more popular every single year, which makes the value of these watches even higher when it comes to reselling them.

#6 Breitling

breitling, breitling watch

Breitling watches are trendy among many people, especially pilots and military. I like the Breitling brand as well. The watch design, as well as craftsmanship, is excellent, and the brand has a good following.

The Best Resell watches from Breitling.

When you are buying a Breitling, try to ask for a discount, because they do not hold value as good as Rolex. Breitling is similar to Omega when it comes to losing its value right after you purchase the watch from the Authorized Dealer. The best way to save money on Breitling is to buy pre-owned when the resell value is relatively stable.

  • Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46mm Steel & 18k red gold-Black (UB0127211B1)
    • MSRP: $10,990
    • Resell Value: $7,500-$8,000
  • Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46mm Steel & 18k red gold-Black (AB0127211B1P1)
    • MSRP: $8,680
    • Resell Value: $5,500-$6,500
  • Superocean Heritage B20 Automatic 46 (AB2020121B1A1)
    • MSRP: $4,985
    • Resell Value: $3,300-$4,000
  • Superocean Heritage Chronograph 46 Steel- Gun Blue (A13312161C1A1)
    • MSRP: $6,240
    • Resell Value:$3,400-$4,500
  • Superocean Automatic 44 Steel-Blue (A17367D81C1S1)
    • MSRP: $3,700
    • Resell Value: $2,500-$3,000

As you can see from the examples above, the Breitling holds some value and does not go to zero, but as mentioned above, the best bet is to buy preowned or get a discount.

#7 Panerai

Panerai, rose gold

Panerai watches used to be very popular among many people. Unfortunately, the popularity of this watch brand is not really on the upswing.

The Best Resell watches from Panerai

There are some watches, which are selling above MSRP on the secondary market. But the rule of thumb to buy preowned to save some money.

  • Panerai Submersible Bronzo 47mm (PAM968)
    • MSRP:$16,500
    • Resell Value:$18,500-$22,000
  • Panerai Luminor Due to Titanium 42mm (PAM927)
    • MSRP:$7,200
    • Resell Value:$6,400-7,000
  • Panerai Submersible 42mm (PAM959)
    • MSRP:$9,800
    • Resell Value:$7,300-$9,000
  • Panerai Luminor Marina-44mm (PAM1312)
    • MSRP:$7,700
    • Resell Value:$5,000-$6,200
Panerai for sale
  • Panerai Radiomir 45mm (PAM995)
    • MSRP:$11,200
    • Resell Value:$9,500-$11,500

As you can see, the Panerai watches are not the best for resale; except the Panerai Bronzo, which is very popular and very hard to get. There are many actors who wear Panerai, such as Dwayne Johnson, aka “Rock” and Silvestre Stallone. Panerai makes excellent looking watches, and they are hard not to be noticed on your wrist. Personally, I like Panerai watches a lot, but I prefer to buy pre-owned due to the value loss after purchasing a brand new.

#8 Cartier

Cartier, Cartier roadster xl, gmt

Cartier watches are very well known in the luxury watch world. Their watches are exquisite and comfortable to wear. If you are looking to get a timepiece that is known for luxury, Cartier watches might be the right choice.

The Best Resell Watches from Cartier

Cartier watches are trendy watches around the world among men as well as women. The challenge is that they are not selling on the secondary market above or even close to MSRP.

  • Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier 42mm (W69016Z4)
    • MSRP:$6,000
    • Resell Value:$3,300-$5,000
  • Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier, 42mm (WSRN0022)
    • MSRP:$3,500
    • Resell Value:$2,750-$3,100
  • Cartier Tank Solo XL (WSTA0029)
    • MSRP:$3,450
    • Resell Value:$2,500-$3,000
Cartier for Resell

As you can see from the resale value, Cartier watches are not the best. What they are great for is the design and brand they stand for. Many people still love these watches, especially ladies.

#9 Hublot

Hublot, Hublot watch

Hublot is a Swiss watch brand that likes to represent art and fusion in their designs. Hublot has a lot of following, especially among people who like to make a statement by wearing these watches.

The Best Resell Watches from Hublot

I might disappoint you, but there are no fantastic Hublot watches which are worth to resell right after purchasing the watch from Authorized Dealer. Don’t get me wrong, and I love the Hublot watches, especially Big Bang in 44mm. Those watches are amazing. They don’t have the best movements, but the design is spectacular.

  • Hublot Big Bang Steel 44mm (301.SX.1170.RX)
    • MSRP:$12,500
    • Resell Value:$6,500-$8,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico Titanium 45mm (402.NX.0123.WR)
    • MSRP:$26,200
    • Resell Value:$15,000-18,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Unico White Ceramic 42mm (441.HX.1170.RX)
    • MSRP:$18,800
    • Resell Value:$12,300-15,000
Hublot watches for resell

In general, when you are looking for Hublot watches, you should be able to get 30-50% off the MSRP. All depending on the watch model. Just make sure that you will do your research prior to purchasing the watch. Every watch you would like to buy has a resell value. All you need to do is to google or use watch search aggregation websites to see the current market offerings. That will help you to make a smart decision.

#10 Tag Heuer

tag heuer, monaco 1, luxury watch

Tag Heuer is one of the watch brands, which is focusing on Digital, aka Smart Watches. Tag is popular among many people due to its price point as well as the design.

The Best Resell Watches from Tag Heuer

I like Tag Heuer, but the watches do not hold value when you decide to resell. As you will be able to see it, there are not really great watches for resell.

  • Tag Heuer Carrera 43mm (CV2A1R.BA0799)
    • MSRP:$4,800
    • Resell Value:$1,400-2,400
  • Tag Heuer Aquaracer 43mm (WAY201F.BA0927)
    • MSRP:$2,850
    • Resell Value:$1,600-1,900
  • Tag Heuer Monaco 43mm (CAW211P.FC6356)
    • MSRP:$6,150
    • Resell Value:$3,000-4,000
  • Tag Heuer Formula 1 41mm (WAZ1120.BB0879)
    • MSRP:$2,000
    • Resell Value:$500-1,000
  • Tag Heuer Formula 1 41mm (CBG2A51.FC6450)
    • MSRP:$13,000
    • Resell Value:$???
    • You can get a new one from other sites close to $10,000.

Tag Heuer has nice selection watches, but as mentioned above, the resell value is not strong at all. Tag Heuer watches can be discounted a lot relatively, and that does not help Tag Heuer to keep a high resell value.

#11 Bell & Ross

Bell and ross
BR 03-92

Bell & Ross are nice with some amazing skeleton designs as well as to read the time. That’s one of the reasons military, pilots, car enthusiasts like them.

The Best Resell Watches from Bell & Ross

Is there such a great resell watch from Bell & Ross? Unfortunately, not that I know of. Here are some more popular Bell & Ross if you ever decide to resell them, At least you will know what to expect when you want some cashback.

  • BR 03-92 Heritage (BR0392-HERITAGE-CE)
    • MSRP:$3,800
    • Resell Value:$2,000-$2,400
  • BR 03-92 Black Matte (BR0392-BL-CE)
    • MSRP:$3,500
    • Resell Value:$1,400-$2,000
  • BR 03-92 Steel (BR0392-BLC-ST)
    • MSRP:$2,990
    • Resell Value:$1,800-2,000
  • BR 03-94 Black Matte Chronographe (BR0394-BL-CE)
    • MSRP:$5,400
    • Resell Value: $2,500-$3,000
  • BR- X1 R.S.18 (BRX1-RS18)
    • MSRP:$21,500
    • Resell Value: $10,000-$14,000
Bell & Ross Resell

Bell and Ross have a great selection of watches, but you need to decide for yourself if their watches belong to your watch portfolio or if you would like to resell the watch later on. As you can see, the watches do not really hold their value well. That does not mean that you will not like the watch if you purchase directly from the AD. As mentioned before, it would be wise to buy a preowned watch from a reputable seller to help you save money.

#12 IWC Schaffhausen

IWC petite prince, iwc

IWC is part of the Swiss Richemont Group. The watch brand is well-known for producing the high-quality pilot and aviation watches.

The Best Resell Watches from IWC Schaffhausen

IWC are great watches; unfortunately, you can get many of them brand new from various online marketplaces for less than the Authorized Dealer sells them.

  • IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “Le Petit Prince” (IW377714)
    • MSRP:$5,500
    • Resell Value: $4,000-$5,000
  • IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic Top Gun (IW326901)
    • MSRP:$5,600
    • Resell Value: $4,500-$5,500
  • IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic (IW390303)
    • MSRP:$12,100
    • Resell Value: $8,750-$9,000
  • IWC Ingenieur Automatic (IW357002)
    • MSRP:$5,500
    • Resell Value: $3,850-$4,500
  • IWC Aquatimer Automatic (IW329001)
    • MSRP:$5,400
    • Resell Value: $2,600-$3,500

After looking at many IWC watches listed for sale, I have noticed that none of the IWC is selling above MSRP. If you would like to save money, buy used when you will know that the resell value will not be hurting you as much.


When you are planning to purchase a new or preowned luxury watch, it’s always a good idea to know what you can resell the watch for in case you need to get instant cash.

Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet are the watch brands with the most watches, which are reselling on the secondary market more than it’s the original sales price.

If you can buy those watch brands directly from the authorized dealers, you will be able to enjoy a watch which is selling at the Grey Market for much more.

But, if you want to limit the potential of losing money on the timepieces which are not selling above or close to MSRP, you should look for a pre-owned.

There are many online sites you can purchase pre-owned luxury watches from, and if you want to stay on top of the watch news, follow one of the watch blogs on this list.